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Every Project Starts With Surface Preparation

Work with James Concrete Polishing in Lake in the Hills not far from Naperville, IL

Painting on an uneven, dirty surface will give you less than perfect results. James Concrete Polishing focuses on surface preparation so that every project is a smooth one. Using a thorough cleaning solution, we'll prepare the surface to create a paint-ready canvas.

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A step-by-step process

Surface preparation is a multi-step process. Our professional team at James Concrete Polishing will fully prepare your surface to ensure paint goes on smoothly.

In order to prepare the surface, we will...

  • Use a cleaning solution to wash the surface properly.
  • Rinse away the cleaning solution and pat dry.
  • Sand or brush away any loose materials on the surface.

Trust James Concrete Polishing with your surface preparation. Call our team in Lake in the Hills, Illinois today to set up an appointment.