Exceeded all expectations. Great quality, exceptional service and a dedicated hard-working team means a beautiful floor. Can't thank them enough for the great work. I highly recommend.

Rick T.


I used James 8 years ago when he polished our shop floors, which turned out so well I used him again this month for the basement of our new home. He and Carlos did a magnificent job and transformed a dusty dungeon into a museum quality floor. Carlos worked extra hours in order to facilitate a tight deadline on our spontaneous move. I cannot wait to use them again for our next project coming up in the next few months. I highly recommend them for quality, price and overall experience.

Mike L.


I just had my very old concrete floors in my new studio polished
to a beautiful high sheen!!

Had it not been for the competitive
pricing and exceptional workmanship of James and his crew
this type of floor for me would not have been possible, my hats
off for a job well done.

David S.


James was a delight to work with! His work was both affordable and exceptional. He provided us with stunning polished concrete floors for our new office. I would refer James to anyone that is looking to have polished concrete floors in their home or commercial space. Thanks again for your work!

Luke S.


Hands down the best floor polishing company in the business... James is awesome to work with and knows his kraft well. Highly recommended!

Chicagoland S.


They did an excellent job, very professional . They turned my ugly cement basement floor into a very beautiful high gloss floor. I highly recommend James cement polishing.

Dale M.